Travel Bug: Cholera Likes to Travel

Cholera is moving from Haiti to the Dominican Republic and beyond. There are now three confirmed cases in New York City.

There are three confirmed cases of cholera in New York City. Three New Yorkers traveled to the Dominican Republic for a wedding and came down with the disease when they returned home.

The Dominican Republic is on the same island as Haiti, where we all know the cholera epidemic is currently raging and where thousands have died.

According to the Huffington Post report:

Doctors in New York say that the strain that the men contracted is similar to the strain currently infecting Haiti. The three men have been treated and recovered last month.


However, the transmission of the disease from Haitian soil to the United States does raise concerns regarding how quickly and easily these diseases can spread between countries. While cholera has been raging in Haiti since October, only three deaths have been reported in the Dominican Republic. Still, even three is enough to sound the alarm, and there is speculation that the Dominican health ministry has underreported the concern.

The BBC reported last week that:

More than 20 Venezuelans have contracted cholera after visiting the Dominican Republic, the Venezuelan health ministry has said.


But according to the uncensored Dominican Republic watchdog website that figure has jumped to 239:

239 cases of cholera have spread to Venezuela after the wedding of Victor Vargas in Casa de Campo.


Venezuela and the Dominican Republic don't seem to agree on the number, but it seems like a more serious cholera outbreak is taking hold of the island.

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