George Tiller has long been the anti-abortion effort's favorite target: The Kansas doctor's clinic was bombed in 1986; he was shot in both arms by an opponent in 1993; his clinic was once blockaded for six straight weeks. Now, he's catching heat again.He is one of the few doctors who performs late-term abortions in the country, and it's unclear, according to reports, whether he got a valid second opinion (which is required by state law) before performing the procedures. He is being charged with 19 misdemeanors.The trial started yesterday, and it's not the landmark case you might expect it. At issue isn't the law permitting late-term abortion is certain instances, it's whether or not Tiller met the requirements of those certain instances. We can expect lots of legalese, looking for loopholes, and he-said, she-said from both sides.The case is an outgrowth of a long battle between Kansas's former Attorney General Phill Kline, and Tiller. At issue in this case is whether Tiller's second opinions were valid, and whether the physician who provided them was his full-time employee (she testified that she was not).Ironically, the trial could result in a conviction of the doctor by a pro-choice Attorney General, who was appointed by President Obama's very own Department of Health and Human Services Secretary nominee Kathleen Sebelius (who is already in hot water over the issue of abortion).Stay tuned.