Tribewanted: Welcoming Its First Group to Build on the Shores of John Obey Beach

After the first 11 tribemembers arrive on the shores of John Obey Beach in Sierra Leone, solar panels, permaculture gardens and friendships are made.

To commemorate the launch, tribemembers celebrated with the village, neighbors, and journalists by drinking pojo (palm wine), sampling local foods, and dancing to music. It is an experience that is quite unlike any other, writes Filippo Bozotti on his blog.

Every day I learn something new: how to skin a small bush deer, how to lay an earthbag, or manage a solar system; one has the feeling that what we are doing is truly unique and never been done before here. All issues, even touchy ones, are discussed openly inour morning meetings with the entire staff, and we all learn from one another a great deal.


Bozotti, the VH1 producer of Bling, is quick to point out that the journey doesn't come without its share of headaches. Outside of the local community in John Obey Beach, he's had to deal with uncooperative customs officials, inept contractors and a host of other small issues.

Setbacks aside though, Bozotti writes that while the work is challenging, the untouched beach remains theirs and the progress made so far is exciting.

"Most importantly, we have formed a real family with the John Obey community," Bozotti writes. "And so we endure."

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