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Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Finds He And Trump Aren’t So Different After All

Common ground isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is suddenly more relevant than ever. The foul-mouthed dog puppet created by brilliant comic artist Robert Smiegel has been a reliably offensive genius dating back to Bill Clinton’s time in the White House. But understandably, like so many other comics, the material he had to work with during the Obama years dwindled a bit. Well, that’s all over now.

Much to Triumph’s horror, he’s discovered that he has quite a bit in common with our new commander-in-chief: a proclivity for profanity, sexual menace and a blissful ignorance of the truth. As he told one Trump supporter, who couldn’t help but crack up:

“I have a lot in common with Trump. The only difference is the hand up my ass isn’t Vladimir Putin’s.”

During last week’s inauguration, Triumph made his way around the National Mall to interview Trump supporters. Braving the chilly temperatures, he noted:

“It’s often bitter cold and it’s also the first year that it’s freezing in Hell.”

To be clear, not all of these jokes are for the faint of hear. Smiegel as Triumph relishes in using uncomfortable moments to expose larger truths. It’s ridiculous, insightful, and yes, intentionally offensive.

On Trump moving into the White House as the Obamas move out:

“He will begin his long tradition of evicting black families.”

More on the cold weather at the inauguration: “The Sun, just one more of the many big stars that refused to show up for this event.”

On the heavy security detail:

“There is a lot of Secret Service and police presence. It takes a lot of work to make sure that Melania doesn’t run away.”

On Trump’s adult male siblings taking the stage;

“Now, coming up to the stand are the Trump sons, better known as the less motivated Menendez Brothers.”

The one thing he gets everyone to agree on is that “Betty White rules.” But even that takes a hilariously dark twist that we’ll save for you to experience on your own.

Seriously, the whole video is worth watching in its entirely. But even Triumph can only handle the mingling for so long. For, as he attempts to ask Trump supporters what they think about the newly sworn-in president’s agenda, he begins uncontrollably vomiting at any reference to “President Trump.”

We feel you, Triumph. We really do.

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