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Trump Aide Tells Univision Reporter To ‘Get Out Of My Country’


via Twitter

Before Donald Trump took office, many doubted whether he’d actually follow through on his outlandish and inhumane campaign promises. Given his penchant for hyperbole, many thought his proposed Muslim ban, wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, and press bullying were no more than appeals to the extremists in his base. But his recent whirlwind of executive orders and combative relationship with the press has shown him to be serious. Earlier this week, a disturbing video resurfaced from the early days of his campaign that eerily foreshadow the events of today.

In August 2015, a month into Trump’s presidential campaign, the then-candidate had a verbal altercation with Univision reporter Jorge Ramos during a press conference. Ramos told Trump he “cannot deport 11 million people, you cannot build a 1,900 mile wall, you cannot deny citizenship in this country.” Trump aggressively told Ramos to “Go back to Univision,” and then moved on to another reporter. But Ramos wouldn’t remain silent. He demanded an answer until he was forcefully removed from the press conference by Trump aides.

After being removed from the press conference, Ramos asserted his rights as a journalist, “I am a reporter and I have a right to ask a question,” he told the aide. The aide, stereotyping Ramos for his accent, callously told him to “Get out of my country.” Not backing down, Ramos defiantly asserted himself, “I am also a U.S. citizen.” The altercation occurred after Univision dropped Trump’s Miss Universe Pageant because of his “Mexicans are rapists,” comment a month earlier. Trump countered by suing Univision for $500 million which was settled out of court.

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