The Trump-Pence Ticket Reveals Its Logo

You won’t have this logo to kick around anymore.

Friday morning, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump revealed that his running mate on the 2016 GOP presidential ticket is Indiana Governor Mike Pence. He also unveiled his campaign’s new logo which features a T interlaced with a P, integrated within an American flag. The logo inspires three reactions in just about everyone who sees it:


2.) TP? As in toilet paper?

3.) Was this designed in ten minutes by an intern?

Being that the most iconic design element in the Trump campaign is his fire-engine red MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN hat, the public wasn’t expecting a work of art. But the fact that no one in Trump’s campaign saw that the logo not-so-subtly implies that Trump is penetrating his running mate is alarming. Especially when Governor Pence is not exactly a fan of the LGBT community.

Twitter is having a field day with the logo. Here are some of the funniest responses.