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Here’s The Tweet Trump Denied Writing That Proves He Lied During The Debate

Climate change is “a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese”

Image via YouTube

During Monday night’s presidential debate, both candidates made lots of claims about the other, but one stuck out as exceptionally important. In the fight to reverse climate change, many conservatives have stubbornly refused to accept the science behind it and Donald Trump is no exception. When Hillary Clinton pointed this out, highlighting the fact that Trump has called climate change “a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese,” he flatly denied it, retorting that he “never said that.”

As it turns out, Trump did say that and we have the online receipts to prove it. In fact, lots of people have the receipts to prove it. Following his blatant lie, Twitter users scoured the Republican presidential candidate’s history to provide mounds of evidence his social media team never bothered to delete.

Here’s a screenshot of the original tweet that caused the uproar.

But that’s not where Trump’s denial of climate change ends. As Twitter user and Mother Jones’ Washington Bureau Chief David Corn pointed out, Trump has denied the existence of global warming countless times, claiming it’s an expensive hoax that hinders business.

Other Twitter users stepped up to prove Trump’s lie while also expressing their frustration with his knack for asserting falsehoods.

Just to remind Trump, since it seems he’s not aware, climate change is undeniably real. As Rolling Stone pointed out last month, the devastating effects—from record-breaking droughts and rising sea levels to disappearing coral reefs and mass extinction—are already here. Unless we take immediate action to end fossil fuel use and rehabilitate natural environments, we could face a disaster of global proportions. And the first step of tackling a problem, as any sane person knows, is by acknowledging the issue at hand. So while evidence of Donald Trump’s lies pervades the internet, evidence of what he denies currently devastates the real world.

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