In Trump’s Perfect World, He Would Actually Lose The Election, According To Mark Cuban

As if this election season could get any more interesting

It may seem unusual to put so much effort into a presidential campaign only to bet on losing, but then again, nothing about Donald Trump’s campaign has been typical. According to CNNMoney, Mark Cuban wants to wager a bet that Trump only launched his campaign with the goal of raising his net worth in the aftermath of a loss. But how much could his assets possibly increase with a blunder of such epic proportions? Tenfold, Cuban predicts.

Cuban tweeted a slew of facts and figures on Thursday, estimating there’s over a 50 percent chance Trump will win the popular vote but lose the overall election. Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks and also describes himself as a billionaire, went so far as to say Trump is in it for “all the glory” and “none of the work.”

When CNNMoney followed up with Cuban about his speculative tweets and the tenfold increase in Trump’s net worth, he said:

“It's truly the gains he could see. He would immediately turn into a good guy since he would no longer be a threat to the safety of the free world. He would be a former candidate who has a winning and compelling story. He may even get sympathy from people. That would be Huuuge for him.”

As hard as it is to imagine so many alienated people suddenly sympathizing with Trump, there is some evidence to support this. Just look to Al Gore and the strides he’s made as environmental activist—losing might be what dreams are made of.

Besides, there are further theories that Donald Trump isn’t equipped to win the presidential election whether he wanted to or not. Cuban insists Trump doesn’t have the required analytics and all-important “ground game” to secure unclaimed districts in swing states. On top of that, his apparent unwillingness to spend face-to-face time with constituents could be the final nail in his campaign’s coffin.

Donald Trump has yet to make a statement in response to Cuban’s tweets, but in the meantime, we have this clip from “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” to keep us entertained.

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