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President Trump said something racist this week.

President Trump said something racist this week.

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On [insert date], President Trump lashed out at [non-white Democrat, most likely female] in a thinly-veiled racist attack on Twitter. [Insert racist quote], Trump said on the social media platform.

He also made false accusations that the [non-white Democrat, most likely female] in the past had [false accusations].

People across social media were outraged and chastised the president for his comments and demanded an apology.

[Insert Tweets]

Supporters of the president claimed Trump's remarks, which disparaged the [non-white Democrat, most likely female] for [him or her's] race, were not racist.

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The [non-white Democrat, most likely female] responded the next day, saying [something about the Democratic Party's vision of inclusivity, while saying the president's racist attacks need to stop].

For two days, Democratic lawmakers, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, called for an apology from the president and his party but they've been completely silent.

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Mitch McConnell addressed reporters on [insert date], saying [something akin to, “It's not my job to respond to every tweet the president makes," while not addressing the racism].

On [third day], [Republican, most likely Lindsey Graham] came forward saying, “We need to turn down the vitriol in Washington. It's time for a return to civility." The [Reublican, most likely Lindsey Graham] failed to mention Trump or his tweets specifically.

An anonymous source from inside the Trump administration told GOOD, “[The President] has a funny way of saying the quiet part loud," the source said. “Ivanka was horrified by the president's tweet, but she still supports him one-hundred percent."

via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

On [fourth day] the president lashed out again at the [non-white Democrat, most likely female] at a rally at [city in a midwestern or southern state]. During his speech to a sea of red hats, Trump claimed that [he/she] is, in fact, the real racist. He backed up his claims with zero proof and made additional false claims about the [non-white Democrat, most likely female].

Trump's comments riled up his supporters who've been making death threats against the [non-white Democrat, most likely female] since Trump's tweet.

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The president plans to meet with [autocratic leader] tomorrow. [Trump quote where he says something positive and endearing about an autocratic leader who's committed countless human rights violations].

Following his meeting with [autocratic leader], the president and his cabinet will turn their attention to Infrastructure Week.

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