Trump Surprises White House Tour Guests In The Most Ironic Way Imaginable

Picture perfect

When you’re Donald Trump, the show must go on. Even as his administration continues to reel from alleged ties to Russia, the president is making time for surprise appearances during White House tours. But his first unscheduled cameo came with a bit of painful irony.

On Tuesday, President Trump literally emerged “from behind a wooden partition” to the surprise of guests who were in the middle of a White House tour. It was the first tour since he became president. There were some cheers and lots of photos as he surprised a group of visiting children and some parents. But in a truly bizarre twist, Trump just so happened to pop out directly in front of the portrait of First Lady Hillary Clinton.

That’s right folks; the 2016 election is never going to stop haunting us.

The Washington Post says these surprise appearances are nothing new. President Obama loved to occasionally get the jump on delighted guests, and former President George W. Bush is reportedly fond of doing the same during visits to his presidential library in Dallas.

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