17 of the funniest tweets from Twitter's favorite grandma.

by Tod Perry

October 26, 2018
Image courtesy of PearlsFromMyrna/Twitter

In America P.T. (pre-Trump), Twitter was a place boiling over with creativity where comedians tweeted their musings while competing with one another for favorites, shares, and followers.

But a few years ago, it seemed like the humor left Twitter. The jokes stopped coming, and instead, everyone just starting screaming at each other about politics. Which, let’s be honest, is a lot less fun.

Myrna Tellingheusen, an elderly woman who lives outside of San Diego, California, is a great throwback to the days of Twitter P.T. Every day she shares her hilarious thoughts about church, her friends at the book club, daily drama at the supermarket, and cookie recipes.

Myrna is the perfect choice to be the official grandmother of Twitter.

However, there’s one small problem: no one knows if she actually exists. She did share a little about herself to Bored Panda, but it’s not enough to reveal her true identity.

“I exist in a modular home park in Rainbow, California, a sleepy little town just north of San Diego, and just south of Temecula,” Myna (or the comedian who created Myrna) wrote. “My story is long as fascinating. However, the short version of this story is I want to make social media fun. There is too much acrimony in the world right now, and people need to laugh at themselves.”

Whether she’s real or not, she’s funny. Here are 17 of Myrna’s best tweets:

Share image by PearlsFromMyrna/Twitter

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17 of the funniest tweets from Twitter's favorite grandma.