Valentine's Day Tips from the Psychological Literature

The British Psychological Society has a roundup of romantic advice culled from psychology papers:
\nWhen asking a lady for a dance or for her number, your chances will be improved by lightly touching her on the arm. Try not to do it in a creepy way.Use mimicry, bodily and verbal. Use mimicry, bodily and verbal (see what I did there?)If you're male, try to make yourself look taller and vice versa for women.Hire a sports car, if you're a man, but don't bother if you're a woman. Both sexes should avoid Toyotas - that's a joke, please don't sue, they're lovely cars.When flirting with a man, use direct, no-nonsense chat up lines rather than the subtle or witty approach. Men are very easily confused you know.When wooing a woman, use chat-up lines that demonstrate your helpfulness, generosity, athleticism, ‘culture' and wealth. Don't bother with jokes, empty compliments and sexual references. This ought to do it - 'Hey gorgeous, sorry I'm late: the opera over-ran, then I had to race to my neighbour's to help carry her piano upstairs - the one I bought her as a moving in present'.
More at the BPS Research Digest. Happy Valentine's Day weekend!