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Veterans Visit White House To Meet With Trump, Got Handed Off To Omarosa

They feel the move was an insult to their cause, especially after learning Trump met with TMZ later that day

Last Tuesday, President Trump was scheduled to meet with a group of veterans who traveled to the White House in the hopes of championing the issues facing retired soldiers. However, when they arrived at their scheduled time, they were dismayed to learn that the President had delegated the meeting to staffers, including The Apprentice alum and general political curiosity Omarosa Manigault.

According to The Daily Beast’s account, confusion wasn’t just over her presence, but the fact that she appeared to be the most senior staffer in the room. She explained that she was qualified to take the meeting because she had once served as a lieutenant chaplain in the California State Miltary Reserve.

As one would expect, many of the veterans in attendance took the delegation of their meeting to a reality TV star as an insult. Said one on the basis of anonymity, “When Omarosa was introduced the room collectively gasped. There were people there missing limbs and she was once a chaplain with the militia.”

Nonetheless, the meeting went on as scheduled (but without the President’s attendance), and several left with a positive impression of the experience, saying that they were at least pleased and impressed with Veterans Affair Secretary David Shulkin.

It’s unclear what duty called Trump away from the scheduled meeting, but when it’s reported that he took time out of his “busy” schedule to meet with Harvey Levin of TMZ the next day, it’s hard not to empathize with the slighted heroes.

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