Video: Anatomy of a Greenwash

Go behind the scenes of a spoof advertising meeting for Chevron's "We Agree" greenwashing campaign.

The Yes Men Chevron "We Agree" prank just won't quit. (And thank goodness for that!) A couple weeks ago, Funny or Die spoofed the absurd greenwashing commercials, and this week there's a new video on the site by Paul Scheer with a behind-the-scenes look at the ad agency's pitch to Chevron's marketing team. It's a hoot.

Ad agent: "Okay, here's how it's gonna work. We're going to interview real people and find out what they think oil companies should and should not be doing. And then, we're going to agree with them."

Chevron exec: "Wait, I get it. You can agree with someone on something, without having to do anything about it.

All that and a cameo by the "Number One street artist, Bonky."

Hat tip to Jonathan Hiskes at Grist.