Video: IPhone-Only Subway Rock Show

New York rock band Atomic Tom performs on the subway using just iPhones for instruments. Viral marketing genius.


In case you missed it, the unknown New York band Atomic Tom are having a breakout week because of this impressive stunt. They've created an amazing video, with a catchy (and unconfirmed) narrative. It goes like this: they had their instruments stolen so they were left with just their cell phones, gumption, nimble fingers and subway fare. Why not perform with just iPhones on the B train?

Even if the story isn't totally true, even if the audio was re-mixed later (checking on just how much), they still do a pretty impressive job playing those little touch screens. For the spectacle of it, the stunt is fast becoming a viral marketing case study showing the power of combining talent (nimble fingers), tech (iPhone apps) and novelty—doesn't hurt that they edit it like an Apple ad either.

(Via Engadget)


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