Video: Look at These Awesome Young Conservatives (Seriously!)

Here's a video of some young Republicans completely shutting down an old racist. It's inspiring to watch.


Say what you will about their ideas on the Bush tax cuts, these young conservatives were admirably dismissive of white supremacist Jamie Kelso's rhetoric at last week's Conservative Political Action Conference. While Kelso tries to tell them about the purity of their blood, they shut him down at every front. "African Americans and Hispanics and Native Americans have invested as much of their own energy into this land as we have," one young man tells him. Eventually, Kelso is forced to walk away, embarrassed.

It's sad that the bar is now this low—"Hey, at least all conservatives aren't bigots!"—but you'd be wise to consider this video the next time someone makes a blanket statement about how Republicans are "all racist Tea Partiers."