Video: Watch CAKE Install Solar Panels on Their Recording Studio

CAKE, the band, records albums with electricity coming from nothing but the sun's rays.

So this is a couple years old, and isn't exactly earth shattering news to begin with, but I dig this song and have long appreciated the personality of the band CAKE. So here's CAKE installing solar panels on top of their recording studio.


I just now remembered that I caught these guys back in the summer of 2002, on a tour they organized with Modest Mouse, The Flaming Lips, De la Soul, and Kinky. The name of the tour? Unlimited Sunshine.

Clearly these guys have been conscious of the great potential of the sun for a long while now. From

CAKE is very pleased to announce that we have installed a solar array on the roof of our studio in Sacramento, California. We hired a company with great experience and competence, Borrego Solar, and they set us up with a way to break away from our dependence on the city's energy grid. Working on a new album, we feel satisfaction in the common denominator of together embracing the unlimited resource of the sun.

CAKE is currently producing their sixth album of original songs. All the tracks will be recorded using 100% solar energy.

So, clearly, you can have your CAKE and ... ah, forget it.