Video: Governor of West Virginia Shoots the Cap and Trade Bill with a Rifle

In a new ad, Joe Manchin, the Democratic candidate for governor of West Virginia, shoots the cap and trade bill with a rifle. Literally.


In a new ad, Joe Manchin (he does have a masculine chin), the Democratic governor of West Virginia and candidate for Senate, demonstrates how serious he is about killing cap and trade by shooting it. With a gun. Literally.

I think the moral of the story here is that in a state like West Virginia, no one is going to sign on to a strong, comprehensive climate bill because voters' livelihoods depend on coal. Finding some economic solution for these states has to be part of the effort to rein in carbon.

Also, Manchin should have said "I'll pop a cap in the cap and trade bill." Obviously.

CORRECTION: I updated the piece to correctly identify Manchin as the current Governor of West Virginia. Thanks @jas_mint!