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Vote With Your Wallet to End Climate Change

Many of us care about making our world better these days, especially by focusing on the environment. It starts with recycling, maybe driving a hybrid car, or measuring our carbon footprint with our friends across the GOOD community. Through the power of one, we each make that happen.

But what if there was a way to make a massive impact, with big money and real power? Well, there is. It’s as simple as taking that power of one, making it collective, and joining together. That’s what we’re doing at The Big Idea.

The Big Idea makes your money—your existing spending—work for you, for a cause that you select. It’s money you already spend on cable service, banking fees, cell phones or insurance, but directing those company profits to organizations like NRDC or It’s not a donation. It’s having the ability to decide how your spending can actually give us a better world, simply by switching to The Big Idea branded products.

Here’s how it works. When you select The Big Idea branded products for those same services (banking, cell phone, insurance or cable), 99 percent of The Big Idea profits go directly to those already solving our world’s biggest problems. This simple choice by each of us can make a massive change and impact.

We don’t need to wait for politicians, skeptics or even our disinterested friends to wake up. Those of us who already 'get it' have the power to make massive change. We just have to use it.

Here’s some numbers to show what we can do together. More than half—57 percent—of Americans are concerned about climate change. That same group of people spends $684 billion per year across those four categories. What if those people joined The Big Idea and switched that same spending to The Big Idea Branded products? Those four categories alone could generate $34.2 billion, simply through of the act of choice. Each year.

The Big Idea gives you a choice, as well as a means to drive good across six very important causes. One of them happens to be fighting climate change. We can’t afford to keep hoping someone else will fix it.

It’s always been cool to recycle, volunteer, or clean up our waterways. Here’s something every single one of us can do in a way that’s personal and relevant. We aren’t going to resolve anything with the current mechanisms out there. We need a big idea. Now we have it, and it’s not a moment too soon.


Chris Norton is the Founder of The Big Idea

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