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Walmart Test Drives Plastic Bag Ban


Nothing says all-American business like Walmart. It's the largest grocery retailer in the United States, the largest majority private employer, and a massive corporation that has taken hold of the discount department store market. We all know the story. That's why it's such a big deal that the corporation tested out life without free plastic bags at three of its California stores in January, offering two reusable options for purchase. It's all a part of their Plastic Bag Initiative, which ultimately hopes to reduce plastic waste by 33 percent per store by 2013. With 802 stores and 2,772 Supercenters, the impact of a ban on free bags would be momentous in terms of the percentage of the country inspired to consider a BYOB mindset. But first, can three stores' worth of customers be convinced?

The online response to a Sacramento Bee post grew heated. One user, in all caps, dubbed the test a "SOCIALIST EXPERIMENT." Another, also in all caps, warned readers that "WALLMART STEALS YOUR TIME" (sic).

But according to a KCRA informal survey about the California bill, AB1998, banning disposable grocery bags, more and more shoppers feel positive about a ban. Walmart is still in the process of gauging the reaction, with the possibility of extending the ban to the rest of its 52 California stores before the July 2011 kickoff date for AB1998. It's a bold move, but it seems like customers want some more time to ease into the new state of mind and baggage.

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