Warning: Driving Distracts Cellphone Users

It sounds like it was ripped from the pages of The Onion, but a new study confirms it: Driving while talking on a cellphone can seriously compromise the quality of the call. Driving impairs one's ability to relay information and later remember details of a call. It's particularly distracting for young drivers and seniors. From Wired Science:
These new findings challenge the belief that work productivity benefits by conducting important conversations, such as business negotiations, while commuting."Safety concerns aside, if the quality of a conversation matters to your business, then it is best to reserve your conversation for times when you are not operating a motor vehicle," remarks psychologist David Strayer of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Strayer studies the impact of cellphone use on driving skills.
So there you go. If you can't put down your phone to protect yourself or the people and cars into which you'll eventually crash, perhaps you can put it down for the quality of the call. Your business depends on it.Photo (cc) by Flickr user Mike "Dakinewavamon" Kline