Watch the Mast Brothers Make Chocolate the Old-Fashioned Way

A well-made video about two men with powerful beards who make chocolate the old-fashioned way.

The brothers Rick and Mike Mast are chocolate makers with a passion for the traditional, hands-on process of their craft. In the following video, watch what happens when two people take the time to make something the old-fashioned way, and an old process somehow becomes new (and delicious).


According to The Scout (which made another, grander video about them, in which they refer to their process as both "literary" and "Emersonian") the Mast brothers are now "planning to navigate the mighty Atlantic, sailing to the Dominican Republic in search of beans and a deeper connection with the folks who grow them."

Bonus: This is the week's second video about craftsmanship featuring men with robust facial hair.

Thanks, Dylan!

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