Watch the Trailer for Midway, Chris Jordan's New Film About the Deadly Reach of Ocean Trash

A new film from the photographer Chris Jordan documents how plastic trash from faraway cities is killing birds on the remote Midway Islands.


Chris Jordan, whose work we've covered many times in the past, makes photographs and digital images that often illustrate the scale and severity of social and environmental problems.

Recently, Jordan has been documenting how the plastic trash that's swirling in the North Pacific Ocean is harming the wildlife on the remote Midway Islands. Bottle caps, lighters, and other bits of junk, created and discarded in far-away cities, wash ashore on these islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and get eaten by—and eventually kill—the birds that live there.

Jordan has already produced a series of photos from Midway. Now he's working on a film, the trailer of which is above. It's affecting stuff.