We Can Work It Out: Architecture + Collaboration

A roundup of Architizer's favorite recent architectural collaborations.

The Highline in New York City, Iwan Baan © 2009 via The Highline

It takes a village to create an architectural masterpiece, at least in theory. Just think of all of the programming, concept sketches, model-building, renderings, etc. involved in the building process—and that’s just in the design office. Of course, you also have to include engineers, builders, politicians, clients, and everyone else that all leave their mark on the final product. With so many professionals involved in the making of architecture is it any wonder that firms have begun to place an even greater emphasis on industry collaboration? Because the only thing better than a building designed by a great firm is the building that was designed by two great firms.

Come on, everybody’s doing it. It seems that even the “starchitects” are giving in to collaboration (okay, maybe not) but famed teams including SANAA, Herzog & De Meuron, and even BIG have been known to team up with other architects, artists, and engineers. Whether they decide to work together out of necessity (god bless local architects) or mutual admiration, these collaborative efforts allow industry leaders to expand their design sensibilities.

Here's a roundup of the best in architecture and collaboration:

WKCDA Xiqu Centre
A collaboration between Bing Thom and Ronald Lu
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Read more about this project on Architizer.


The High Line
A collaboration between James Corner Field Operations and Diller Scofidio + Renfro
New York, New York
Read more about this project here.


Proposal for Japan’s National Stadium
A collaboration between UNStudio + Yamashita Sekkei Inc
Tokyo, Japan
Read more about this proposal on Architizer.


A collaboration between Family and Playlab
New York, New York
Read more about this project here.


The Mountain
A collaboration between BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group and JDS/JULIEN DE SMEDT ARCHITECTS
Copenhagen, Denmark
Read more about this project in the Architizer database.


Cité de l’Ocean et du Surf
A collaboration between Steven Holl Architects and Solange Fabião
Biarritz, France
Read more about this project on the Architizer database here.


The River
A collaboration between SANAA and OLIN
Connecticut, United States
Read more about this project on Architizer.


2012 Serpentine Pavilion
A collaboration between Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei
London, United Kingdom
Read more about this project on Architizer.


Centipede Cinema
A collaboration between Barlett School of Architecture professor Colin Fournier, artist Marysia Lewandowska, and London firm NEON
Guimaraes, Portugal
Read more about this project on Architizer.


A collaboration between Wolfgang Meraner Architekt and architect Martin Mutschlechner of StadtLABOR
Brixen, South Tyrol, Italy
Read more about this project on Architizer.

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