We've Run Out of Planet for the Year We've Run Out of Planet for the Year
The Planet

We've Run Out of Planet for the Year

by Zach Frechette

September 29, 2009
Shucks. It seems like sometime last Friday, around 3:00 p.m. EST, we crossed over the threshold of acceptable usage for Earth. That means we are now, according to The Footprint Network, living beyond our ecological means (put another way: We've used up the planet's resources faster than they can be naturally replenished). To further put things in perspective, we are using resources at a rate 40 percent higher than is sustainable-our collective global lifestyle would require 1.4 Earths so meet demand.This isn't simply a dismissible, alarmist PR-stunt; their methodology is Infrastructurist approved. Also, there is some good news: Earth Overshoot Day, as it's been dubbed, fell a whole two days later this year than last year. We can probably attribute most of that to the recession, but it's better than just being flat-out discouraged about the whole thing.Image from Earth Overshoot Day 2008.
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We've Run Out of Planet for the Year