Relish The Sight of Simple Change When a Line for a Bus Means Revolutionary Change in Egypt

In the smaller moments Egyptians are proudly revealing they have changed themselves, not just their government.

Egyptian revolutionary Wael Ghonim posted this shocking picture yesterday. It may not seem like much amidst all of the iconic images of tanks seeming gentle, scuba diving protesters, human shields, and children of Tahrir, but this little line for a microbus is a harbinger of the national rebrith in process, a blossoming of order out of national pride.

Under Mubarak boarding a bus required a few shoves, maybe a sharp elbow or two and sturdy footing. This sight of this calm, brotherly, alternative moved Ghonim to post the snapshot with this caption:

"Egyptians standing in line to get to a microbus. A scene we never experienced during Mubarak's regime. Egyptians are changing themselves not just their regime."

Sometimes the little things can bring the biggest hope.