Construction Worker Helps Sick Kids By Playing ‘Where’s Waldo?’

Can you find him on the construction site?

While working on the construction of a new wing at the Memorial Children’s Hospital of South Bend in Indiana, Jason Haney has been having some fun with the hospital’s young patients. A couple times a week, Haney hides an eight-foot-tall Waldo cutout in different parts of the unfinished building so the children can try and spot the elusive character from their hospital rooms—and they absolutely love it. “I can’t believe a simple piece of wood can bring so much happiness,” Haney told TODAY.

Heidi Prescott, a hospital spokeswoman, says that Haney’s Waldo cutout really lifts the kids’ spirits. “You walk into the pediatrics unit and you ask the kids, ‘Where’s Waldo?’, and we have seen children in the play area or their rooms run up to the window and look out,” Prescott said. “It really helps take their mind off what they’re going through for a couple minutes, and it’s been very heartwarming.” Now, Haney’s Waldo has his own Facebook page where patients and their parents can post photos of the guy in the famous striped beanie.

Can you find Waldo?

via Facebook

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