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Which Type of Library User Are You?

October 15, 2015

Are you a Bibliophile or a Library Outsider? Do you know your Dewey Decimal from your Library of Congress? Have you considered that Google might not know as much as your local reference librarian? 

Find out what your personal library habits really say about you.


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Images via Giphy (a and b) and Etsy, Flickr, Twitter, and Wikimedia commons users: Adam Foster (cc), @anacanunot, Anna Creech (cc), Anna Hape (cc), The City of Toronto (cc), David Fulmer (cc), @GhostbustersNet, Harrison Weber (cc), Iryna Harpy (“The Bookworm” by Carl Spitzweg, public domain), Jeremy Keith (cc), Laura Redburn (cc), Magic Madzik (cc), Multnomah County Library (cc), Santa Cruz Public Library (cc), RubyfloyScewing (“Benjamin Franklin” by David Martin, public domain), Vera de KokShaun Wong (cc), Wicker Paradise (cc).

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Which Type of Library User Are You?