White Goat Recycler: Office Paper to Toilet Paper

This device (video below) shreds your sensitive business documents and turns them into new toilet paper. Absolutely brilliant.[youtube] obviously we all want to know how long it would take for this machine to pay itself off in a company with high toilet paper needs and high paper-shredding needs (Arthur Andersen circa 2002?). Answer: A very long time. DVICE crunches the numbers:

Pop in 40 sheets of regular paper, and a half-hour later, out comes a roll of toilet paper. It's pretty cheap, too, costing about dime per roll to perform this alchemy. But wait a doggone second. The machine itself costs $100,000. What were they thinking? At an average cost per roll of about 60 cents, our calculations show you'd have to crank out 200,000 rolls of TP before it pays for itself.
At half an hour per roll, that would take 100,000 hours-about 11 years. So the White Goat may not make economic sense yet (unless we put a price on the trees being saved) but surely the next version will be cheaper and smaller, right?Thanks to Dylan for the tip.