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Who Will Be the Mayor of New Orleans? Who Will Be the Mayor of New Orleans?

Who Will Be the Mayor of New Orleans?

by Morgan Clendaniel

October 30, 2009
Ray Nagin, a nationally known but locally detested figure since Katrina, cannot run again in the mayoral race of 2010. But as of now, no inspiring candidates have stepped forward to throw their hat into the race, according to this Times article.Post-Katrina New Orleans-with so much rebuilding and reshaping left to do, and government money flowing in to pay for it-represents an amazing opportunity for innovative urban projects on almost every level. Can it be that the only people willing to take up the challenge are a few state senators and city council members, none of whom have professed any particular vision for doing something extraordinary in the continuing rebuilding of their city?
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Who Will Be the Mayor of New Orleans?