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Why We're Supporting the American Maker Movement Why We're Supporting the American Maker Movement

Why We're Supporting the American Maker Movement

September 9, 2013

It is in this spirit that we launched Madesmith earlier this year. Our mission is to promote well-designed objects and stories of American craftsmanship. Storytelling is at the heart of what we do, as we believe that as a society we should all be engaged deeply in our buying choices. Knowing where our stuff comes from is important to our community. Madesmith also goes one step beyond and offers strategic consulting to makers on the rise. Our background in advertising and storytelling enables us to bring the right spotlight to these makers and help them build their brands from the start. Some of our business services for makers include branding, marketing, and sales roadmaps. We believe that in order to create the right culture of "mindful living" for our future generations, we need to start with these young American makers now. We need to support and nurture them in practice. As a society, we need to make a commitment to get to know our local makers and create relationships with them.

At Madesmith, we hope to serve these very designers and makers who produce locally and sustainably along with an audience that reveres craftsmen and the philosophy of "buy less, buy well."

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Why We're Supporting the American Maker Movement