Will Los Angeles Survive? The Best Carmageddon PSA Ever

Angelenos, we know you're freaking, but this video will help you brave this weekend's shutdown of the 405.

Us Angelenos are only a few hours away from the start of Carmageddon, the July 16 and 17 shutdown of 10 miles of LA's eternally clogged 405 freeway. Over 500,000 cars travel the 405 in a given weekend, so it's no wonder this city is in the midst of an epic freak-out over how hellish traffic might be if drivers don't heed advice and take a much-needed vacation from their cars.

Since we want to do our part and help get the word out, our video department made a mashup PSA that you should clearly send to all your LA-based friends, just in case they've been living under a rock and are thinking about driving anywhere this weekend. It's got advice from anxious politicians, OJ Simpson, former ChiPs star Erik Estrada, and a little drama from Hitler thrown in to bring things down a bit (because Carmageddon is very serious).

C'mon, Los Angeles, you can do this! Grab your bike, use your feet, or just chill out at home. Above all, follow Hitler's advice and forget your trip to Costco!