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Woman Calls Police On Democratic Campaign Workers For Being Against Trump’s Immigration Policies

She told police she was upset over the candidate challenging Trump’s immigration policies.

On Thursday, August 9, New York Senator Jesse Hamilton (D-Brooklyn) shared a video of a Trump supporter lecturing one of his staffers about a campaign flyer. The woman was upset that the flyers had “Fighting back Trump” printed on them.

“I support Trump, and I see the difference between Democrat and Republican, and I see the difference between you and Trump. You have no difference from all others, OK? So if I would not see this slogan…” the woman said while holding the flyer.

“This is should not be here,” the woman continued. “If they really want nation be as one and fight for the better life and live in the better life, you wouldn’t put this here. Because this is what Democrats do, exactly,” the woman said.

The woman soon left, but later called the police to complain that “Hamilton was against Trump’s immigration policy,” according to the New York Post. When police arrived on the scene, they told the woman that the state senator was campaigning, which isn’t against the law.

Hamilton, who is black, later posted the video to Facebook. In his post, he noted parallels between the incident and the recent trend in white people calling the police on black people for participating in normal, day-to-day activities.

“The pattern of targeting Black men and women for being Black and alive in the communities we all share has to stop. This pattern of calling the police on Black people going about their business and participating in the life of our country has to stop,” Hamilton wrote.

“From a student taking a break at Yale,” Hamilton continued, “to a student eating lunch at Smith College, to a child selling lemonade, to a person having a barbecue in Oakland, to an Oregon state legislator knocking on doors – the list goes on and on. I will continue to speak to neighborhood residents about the important work we must accomplish together – including changing a culture of targeting Black men and women for living while Black.”

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