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World Water Day

March 21, 2009
This Sunday, March 22, is World Water Day, when the world is asked to focus on the issues that a lack of clean water poses to our society. Nearly 1 billion people worldwide don't have access to clean water, and that lack of water is a serious cause of disease and economic hardship.In honor of WWD, we've produced and collected some water related content below to get you thinking about water issues around the world and what you can do to help.In three new videos, we've re-imagined iconic moments from film and television that wouldn't have been the same without clean water. Check them out: Crocodile Mile (Dirty Version); Psycho (Dirty Version); Cool Hand Luke (Dirty Version) Transparency: Where Does Your Water Come From? A look at where American cities get their water supplies.The Third Pole Is Melting: Glaciers in Asia contain a large percentage of the world's fresh water. Now they're melting.Transparency: How Much Water Do You Use? Figure out how to calculate your water footprint.Bottle Shock: The absurdity and wastefulness of drinking bottled waterAnd, from the archives:An earlier Transparency about water shortages around the world and an accompanying video.Plus, a story about PlayPumps, an innovative solution to the lack of water pumps in Africa, and a video about Hippo Rollers, a device that solves the problems with transporting water from wells to villages.
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World Water Day