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The Data Is In: These Two Cities Have The Worst Drivers In America

Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Portland: You’re off the hook. You have the best drivers

It's easy at any given time you’re stuck in traffic to think that your city is cursed with the worst drivers the roads have ever seen. But chances are, you’re not—unless you live in Pittsburgh or New York City.

In that case, yeah, you’re surrounded by the worst drivers, at least, according to the EverDrive Safe Driving Report, an annual study based on data collected from the company’s app, which tracks driving habits from its users to let them know what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong.

Occupying that space in the industry, there are very few parties more qualified to declare a city’s drivers good or bad.

Here are a few takeaways before getting into the methodology that roasted Pittsburgh and New York City drivers.


Tracking 150,000 users for 11 months, the report broke down drivers by state, assigning scores to the quality of their resident drivers. The math is a little more nebulous for cities, but Pittsburgh doesn’t seem to be putting up much of a fight when it comes to the findings. The resident drivers are graded on five categories that include: speeding, cellphone use, excess acceleration, hard braking, and hard turning.


As for the second-worst city, New York, anyone who’s got even a passing familiarity with the city probably shrugs and says, “Yeah. That sounds right.” Of course, the more dense and active a city is, the more opportunity for error, but as a tool for knowing how painful driving will be, there’s no need to qualify the data collected and the findings.

While no one really plans on renting a car when visiting New York City, the Pittsburgh inclusion might raise a few eyebrows and have visitors opting for rideshares over rentals.

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