"You May Kiss the Fry": McDonald's Opens its Doors for Hong Kong Weddings

McDonald's offers Hong Kong residents the chance to say 'I Do' beneath the Golden Arches.

Love is in the air at McDonald's Hong Kong locations. According to a CNN article, the fast food giant will open its doors to customer weddings at two franchises there, the first city worldwide to offer such a service.

Beginning in January, bride and groom will have the chance to cut a baked apple pie wedding cake. Young wedding guests will receive McDonald's party favors. And the whole wedding party will get to feast on all the best catering that McDonald's can offer.

According to McDonald's Hong Kong's communications director, the company decided to offer a wedding package after a wedding ceremony earlier this year sparked widespread interest among customers. The company was receiving around 10 inquiries per month from copycat wedding planners, according to the CNN article.

The option is available for a few thousand Hong Kong dollars. But is McDonald's really the most romantic fast food joint? If you had to tie the knot at a fast food chain, which one would you pick?

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