A Fast Food Worker Stayed Calm, Cool, And Collected As A Robber Pointed A Gun At His Head

All that and a bag of chips

Many of us who haven’t had the misfortune of being mugged, robbed, or assaulted may wonder how we would react if we found ourselves on the business end of a weapon.

One cashier at a Jimmy Johns in Kansas City found out the hard way that if faced with that high stress scenario, he would be really, really chill.

Surveillance video of the encounter has surfaced and gone viral with many praising the cashier’s composure and patience, which could actually be misconstrued for indifference.

The following video doesn’t have sound, but it’s clear the robber demands the money, which the cashier turns over, offering up the entire till, which the robber empties before leaving.

The name of the cashier was initially kept under wraps, with the store’s manager refusing comment on the incident, but he was quickly tracked down by local media, who asked him about the incident and his impossibly laid-back response to the whole thing.

The suspect evaded ID and capture initially, but viral stardom isn’t exactly an asset for a fugitive criminal, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing his side of things quickly, because he’s been nabbed.

The Jimmy John’s cashier clearly excels at his job. Maybe the robber could step up his game and don a mask if he’s looking to turn this sort of activity into a career. Otherwise, he’ll have to deal with a significant setback in the form of a long prison stretch before continuing a life of crime.