Little Girl Goes Crazy After For Her First Taste Of Cotton Candy

There’s nothing better than the first time

the first time is always the best time

Contrary to popular belief, sugar highs are just a myth. Although parents swear their children act up after a rush of high fructose corn syrup to the dome, this has more to do with parental expectations than an actual high. Good luck explaining that to the father of this little girl who just ripped the head off a big blue swirl of cotton candy and can’t believe the party she’s experiencing in her mouth.

In the .gif above, over the course of a few seconds, the girl goes from being a predatory animal on the African savanna to John McEnroe after a winning shot to Charlie Sheen taking the first hit off a seven-gram rock. Then, if you read her lips she looks like she’s mouthing a rather adult word for a girl her age.

Here’s what the funniest imgur commentators had to say:

“Bring me another smurf!” – PoopholeAintALoophole

“Best part is when she yells ‘F**K!’ at the end” – Hiphopanonymous

“The men just genuinely enjoying her sugar freak-out makes this for me” – Scrumbdle

“Shes throwing up before the nights over” – Dubanrocks

“I am the great cornholio…” – Goolicous