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Physicist Discovers The Correct Way To Hold A Coffee Mug

Now, you'll never spill again!

via Flickr user (cc) Nick Chapman

Recently, in one of the biggest scientific findings of the century, physicists discovered gravitational waves, opening up a new window for humans to discover the universe. Surely that’s big news, but on more practical level, a South Korean physicist has made a discovery that will change your everyday life forever. After momentous research, Jiwon Han found the secret to holding a coffee cup without spilling it.

“Rarely do we manage to carry coffee around without spilling it once,” Han writes in his study. “In fact, due to the very commonness of the phenomenon, we tend to dismiss questioning it beyond simply exclaiming: ‘Jenkins! You have too much coffee in your cup!’ ” And this man is right. How many mornings are ruined by hot coffee spilling on your dress shirt or blouse on the way to work? How many times has hot coffee dribbled on your wrist while navigating the cubicle zoo at the office? It happens so often, you may not even notice it anymore. Begging the question: how should I hold my coffee mug?

“When a half-full Bordeaux glass is oscillated sideways at 4 Hz, calm waves of wine gently ripple upon the surface,” Han writes in the study. “However, when a cylindrical mug is subject to the same motion, it does not take long for the liquid to splash aggressively against the cup and ultimately spill.” So, after extensive research, Han says you should never hold your coffee mug by its handle. Instead, grab it from the top with a claw-like grip. This will drastically reduce spilling but be careful, if the drink is too hot, the steam may burn your palm.

Photo courtesy of Tod Perry

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