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Abortion Laws Across The World

How liberal is the United States compared to the rest of the world?

In just a few months, primary season for the presidential election will come to a merciful end—giving way to what will probably be an even more frightening bare knuckles general election in which the shame of the Republican party, Donald Trump, will almost certainly square off against the GOP’s favorite target, Hillary Clinton.

There are going to be ad hominen attacks and smear campaigns a plenty, and since this is American political theater, one of the fights we will be forced to endure will almost certainly be about abortion. For some it’s about the right to life, and for others it’s about the right to choose. For those on the side of choice in the United States, it can often feel like we are just a hair’s breadth away from conservatives fully stripping women of their right to govern their own bodies. But compared to the rest of the world we’re actually pretty liberal (which is surely no surprise to those who think the U.S. is run by pagans and homosexuals and pagan homosexuals.)

The above video is a map of abortion policies across the globe. Generally, the northern hemisphere has the most “lax” laws when it comes to the procedure, with Africa and South America tending towards much tighter restrictions. Think of green as meaning “go” and orange and red telling you to exercise extreme caution.

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Produced by Gabriel Reilich

Graphics by Aaron Thacker

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