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How Your Aggressive Driving Negatively Impacts the Environment

by Brian Hurst

May 9, 2015
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Hey, speed demon. Whether you’re in a hybrid or S.U.V., your pedal-to-the-metal behavior doesn’t just make you prone to more fender benders and speeding tickets. Slamming on the brakes or the gas produces additional greenhouse gas emissions—and we've all been known to get a little aggressive while driving every now and then.

In this infographic powered by data from Progressive, we'll show you how our obnoxious activities on the road really do add up.

Throughout 2015, we're partnering with Progressive to harness the power of information. Each week, we'll put data under the microscope, asking how statistics and research can empower us to challenge our understanding of ourselves and the ways we navigate our world. Knowledge is the first step on the way to progress: Let's take this information and drive change in the world together. This is Data for GOOD.

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How Your Aggressive Driving Negatively Impacts the Environment