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Man has wholesome encounter with woman at grocery store and the internet loves it

A man posted a video on TikTok to thank a stranger who made his evening by complimenting him. Now, the internet is rooting for them to be best friends.

Man has wholesome encounter with woman at grocery store and the internet loves it
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @wowrealneat

David Frazier (@wowrealneat), an Oregon-based queer photographer, shared a heartfelt video on TikTok titled “Dear New Seasons Parking Lot Girl.” He shared his encounter with this stranger, which made his day and uplifted him. He went to Four Seasons to get a burrito and parked next to a Tesla. He noticed someone eating in their car and they smiled at him. He went inside, shopped and came back to his car. The person in the Tesla next to his car was still there. As he walked in, the woman rolled down her window and said, “Hey, are you single?” Frazier replied that, sadly, he was single but also very gay. The woman said that she thought she might as well shoot her shot. She also added that she found Frazier very handsome, which made his day. Frazier was completely floored by the interaction.

Image Source: TikTok | @wowrealneat
Image Source: TikTok | @wowrealneat

In the video, the photographer told the woman that she's also very pretty and "an aesthetically pleasing human being." He added that this wasn’t just a compliment in exchange for the other one; he meant it wholeheartedly. He emphasized that it took guts to go up to someone and see if you had a shot and that he appreciated it a lot. He wanted to give her a proper response, so he made this video. He concluded by saying that he would like to grab a coffee or something as friends if she was still up for it. He also said that he hoped that she would find a really cute and nice guy who likes women.

Image Source: TikTok | @tifaniemayberry
Image Source: TikTok | @tifaniemayberry

With the help of the internet, the video reached the woman, who made a response video saying that she was the girl. Tifanie Mayberry (@tifaniemayberry) captioned the video saying that she never expected it to come back to her like this. She also had the most wholesome reaction to Frazier’s message. Frazier eventually found Mayberry and they connected on social media. In her video, Mayberry said that Frazier's video had found her at a great time as well. She further added that she’s 35 and single. She wants to start a family, but that has been difficult for her. So she just shoots her shot whenever she can. She added that she would like to get coffee, become friends and have him at her wedding when she finds the one for her. She eventually added that she’s very grateful for everything and all the love she has received.

Image Source: TikTok | @DisasterMagnet
Image Source: TikTok | @DisasterMagnet


Image Source: TikTok | @DisasterMagnet
Image Source: TikTok | @pickaname517

All the videos had equally fun and heartwarming comments. People were also super excited to keep getting updates on the interaction between Mayberry and Frazier. People shared that getting compliments from a stranger is an absolutely amazing thing. @nancyyeldon commented on Frazier's video, “I randomly tell people all the time that they are beautiful. Mostly strangers. It’s more authentic coming from someone they don’t know. They glow." @Jamie Monahan commented, "I love complimenting strangers. Feels like spreading magic.” People just couldn’t have enough of the interaction. Another user, @Kyle McClellan, commented on Mayberry’s video, “Oh my god! I’ve been waiting for a wholesome TikTok saga to follow. So here for this!"

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