Superstar Athletes ‘Stand Up’ To Speak About Their Experiences With Online Bullying

Derek Jeter, Von Miller and others open up about the abuse they endure online.

A group of star athletes speak out against bullying in a new video produced by The Players’ Tribune, the sports site founded by Derek Jeter. In the video, Jeter is joined by Von Miller, Michael Phelps, Danica Patrick and Karl-Anthony Towns to discuss the abuse they endure online. After reading aloud samples of the online hate lobbed their way, the group speaks to how they cope with the constant stream of negativity from people they’ve never met.

It’s a strong message—mainly, that no one deserves this treatment regardless of circumstances. Phelps discusses how he sought help amid the negativity. The campaign’s name, “Stand Up,” encourages those who seek help to stand up to get it, those who are bullied to stand up for themselves, and those who witness bullying to stand up for others.

The video follows waves of athletes speaking candidly about their experiences with hateful online speech, in the hopes of destroying the stigma that failure to tolerate abuse is some sort of weakness. As Miller says, “There is a point where we all need somebody to stick up for us.”