Barack Obama Is Living His Best Retired Life As A Video Game Basketball Player

The most powerful man on the court

It hasn’t been 30 days yet since Barack Obama left office and we already love watching him in vacation mode. He’s cut loose in predictable fashion (the golf course) and less predictable fashion (kitesurfing over the ocean). Now YouTuber NykeFaller has taken the former commander in chief and put him into a setting we likely won’t see Obama appearing in anytime soon— an NBA court .

Using the “NBA 2K17” career mode, NykeFaller created a custom character—featuring Obama’s likeness and name—and dropped Barack Obama, a longtime Chicago Bulls fan, on the roster for the Charlotte Hornets.

The video begins with a rendition of “Hail to the Chief” as he drifts off to sleep in Air Force One, dreaming of an alternate timeline in which he is working out in the gym and hitting the court as a sharpshooting guard for Hornets, where he sinks buckets, slams a powerful dunk on the Knick’s Carmelo Anthony, and sits for a postgame interview with Shaq.

It’s a fantasy that vacation-mode Barry would love.