An American Boxer Wearing Anti-Immigrant Trunks Was Quickly Defeated By His Mexican Opponent

In just six rounds he transformed from a boxer to a metaphor.

Though boxers have no shortage of professional reasons to put their opponent down on the canvas, Rod Salka gave his opponent a personal and political incentive when he stepped into the ring.

To take on Mexican fighter Francisco Vargas, Rod Salka, a Pennsylvania fighter, wore a pair of trunks designed to look like a brick wall with “America 1st” emblazoned atop them.

Vargas made short work of his opponent, pummeling him into the sixth round, at which point Salka’s corner threw in the towel to concede the match over concerns of their fighter’s safety.

Given boxing’s endless quest for spectacle and outlandish behavior to generate interest for fights, such antagonist pageantry is, unfortunately, not uncommon. While Vargas and Salka may not be household names, Floyd Mayweather sure was when he made a similarly garish and insensitive display in his 2007 fight against Oscar De La Hoya dressed in a cartoonish mariachi costume.

Mayweather won that closely-contested fight, but with Salka’s unceremonious loss, perhaps those seeking to turn a boxing match into a culture war will realize that giving your opponent extra incentive to take you down may not be a sound strategy.

It certainly won’t go far to increase your fan base, either.