Random Act Of Sports: This Man Doesn’t Let A Parking Boot Keep Him From Making His Flight

He’s certainly not guilty of overthinking the problem.

Most people, when faced with a parking boot, go about removing it through the established channels. Generally, that involves paying whatever outstanding tickets got you booted in the first place, then another exorbitant fine on top of that, then waiting for the powers that be to arrive and free your car.

However, when time is a factor, as it was for this anonymous hero faced with a departing flight, putting your fate in the hands of parking enforcement officers isn’t a viable option.

So what’s a person to do? Well, unless they want their car to sit on the street and rack up more fines while its owner is traveling, they take matters into their own hands. While boots are a formidable obstacle, they’re not insurmountable. We’ve seen them beaten before, but rarely under such pressing time constraints.

Clearly, this boot is underachieving. What’s almost more impressive than the fact that this man was able to rip the boot off is the fact that ripping the boot off was his first instinct. I guess when you’re faced with a departing flight, you tend not to overthink things and approach problems in the simplest manner possible.

Before making his way to the airport, the driver tosses the boot into the back of his SUV, ensuring that it won’t ever bother anyone ever again.

via Jason S Campbell / Twitter

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