Cyclist Takes Drastic Measures To Avoid A 30-Foot Fall After A Spectacular Crash During Race

After seeing the fate his bike suffered, the rider should be counting his blessings

One minute, cyclist Mike Allec was cruising at a healthy 30 MPH to in the final stretch of the Santa Barbara Road Race. Then, in a matter of maybe two seconds, he found himself thrown off his bike, dangling off a bridge wall to avoid a 30-foot fall into a ravine below.

Two seconds may or may not sound like enough time to react, but when you watch this video with the benefit of hindsight, knowing Mark’s fate, it’s still difficult to keep up with the madness that results from this massive crash. Fortunately, the video breaks the footage down from several vantage points so we can see the chain of events that led to Allec hanging desperately on the wrong side of the wall as his bike plummets off the edge.

Sound dramatic? It is.

Allec’s team, Carefast-Storck, issued a statement following the incident that reveals the rider’s fate (just a little road rash, remarkably) and conveys their immense gratitude that things turned out as well as they did.

Mark’s bike wasn’t so fortunate: