This Beautiful Fake-Out Penalty Kick Requires Repeat Views To Wrap Your Head Around It

The deceptive play required perfect execution, and the result speaks for itself.

The unrelenting pace of pro soccer doesn’t allow much for the type of choreographed trick plays we see in stop-and-go sports like football and basketball. But when a stoppage in play does occur — usually on free kicks and corner kicks — teams aren’t averse to resorting to trickery in the hopes of exploiting the other side’s confusion.

Such was the case in this lower-level Brazilian matchup in which São Bento defeated São Paulo 2-0, thanks in part to a free kick that left even sophisticated soccer fans scratching their heads and wondering what just happened. The play takes place at 5:32 in the video below.

Somewhat ironically, the play still required a near-perfect shot, suggesting that it may not have been any easier than a traditional free kick in the face of a wall of defenders. However, the actual shooter, Maicon Souza, was equal to the task, knocking a perfectly arcing shot into the back of the goal.

Despite the relative simplicity (made effective by perfect execution), the shot had even seasoned soccer fans scratching their heads, then applauding the ingenuity.

Of course, it’s one thing to draw it up on paper, it’s another thing entirely to find a player who can follow through on that kick with laser-beam accuracy. Still, when it all comes together, it’s a sight to behold.