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Golfer’s Amazing Trick Shot Shows Just How Difficult It Is To Read A Green

This exercise in patience and tenacity pays off for both the golfer and the viewer.

Make no mistake: A 75-foot putt meets the definition of a “trick shot” by any reasonable person’s standards.

Not only does the person attempting it need laser-beam-like precision in the direction and strength of the shot, but even before that, they’re tasked with understanding the contours and speed of the putting green itself.

Working backward from a short putt, this amateur golfer used tees to create a longer and longer “path” for his shot that accurately followed the breaks and intricacies of the green.

The gates made by the tees are a benefit in that they lay out the desired trajectory of the putt but also serve as an obstacle. There are many ways to sink a putt, but by creating such a narrow path, the wrong velocity or direction will result in the ball hitting the tee, eliminating any chance of the golf gods redeeming the shot.

In an Instagram post from Nov. 14, the golfer in question was working from a much closer distance, suggesting that a significant amount of progress was made in only two weeks or so.

The path and shot resemble something out of a video game. This demonstration isn’t just a testament to how skilled (lucky? persistent?) this golfer is, but how much data must be processed to sink a long putt.

To see if the Instagramming golfer continues to work on longer shots, check in on his posts. We could be in for 100 feet by year’s end.

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