Here It Is: The Greatest Jenga Move The World Has Ever Seen

Did the other person just forfeit after this happened?

When on the prowl for impressive sports achievements, most people don’t turn to the vault of Jenga highlights, but perhaps they should. The game encapsulates much of what we love about competition. It rewards focus, a steady hand, and steely nerves, especially in prolonged games that leave contestants fewer and fewer desirable options.

More often than not, difficult moves result in a cascade of wooden blocks and an opponent’s exultation. But once in a lifetime, something like this happens, leaving people so shocked and stunned that they forget to even celebrate their good fortune.

As one Reddit user pointed out, the only thing that could have made this achievement any better was if the blocks collapsed just as the player was placing the brick atop the tower. The blocks stay stacked, and the family looks on, no doubt wondering if their loved one harnesses dark powers that supersede the effects of friction and gravity in our universe.

In the interest of restoring order and harmony to the universe, let’s conclude with this clip, which is likely far more in keeping with most people’s Jenga experiences.